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SenValos NGDO believes that promoting cultural diversity in society contributes to inclusive growth and sustainable development. For this reason, we focus on the full social inclusion of migrants, refugees and applicants for international protection using intercultural mediation as a fundamental tool for social intervention, accompanied by legal advice, social work, training, psychosocial care, job orientation and the promotion of social coexistence. coexistence.

As a development NGO, we also work to address the causes of migration, especially climate change, in the countries of the South, to make migration a choice, not an obligation, and to promote education for global citizenship.

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I had to leave my country because there was no future for me and my children. Violence, poverty and corruption forced me to look for a better life elsewhere.

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An NGO is an independent, non-profit organization that does not belong to the public or private sector. We are organizations that belong to what is known as the “Third Sector”.
The areas of action of NGOs are very diverse: environment, human rights, gender, sectors that suffer exclusion in our environment, populations of other countries, humanitarian aid, education or childhood, among many others. SenValos works in the field of migration and refuge.

NGDOs include the “D” for Development. A development that respects the planet we inhabit and guarantees that people have the same rights, regardless of their gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, age or the place where they are born or live. A development that guarantees that people are the protagonists of their own processes and collectively build their own proposals.
NGDOs are organizations that work hand in hand with other organizations in different parts of the world, because cooperating means precisely that: operating with, as equals.
We believe deeply in human rights, in the dignity of people and in the enormous capacity we have as humanity to take care of our environments and to take care of ourselves as people.
We promote the culture of peace, responsible education as citizens of a planet whose corners are interconnected.

A migrant is a person who arrives in a country or region different from his or her place of origin to settle there, temporarily or permanently.

A refugee is a person who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside his or her country of nationality and is unable, or because of such fear is unwilling, to avail himself or herself of the protection of that country.
And the applicant for international protection is the person who, having filed an application for international protection, has not received a final response (decision) on his or her case from the authorities. Until there is a final decision, any return, expulsion or extradition process that could affect the applicant will be suspended.

In NGODs there are usually volunteer and contracted personnel. We are clearly committed to the professionalization of the sector because we believe that a complete and professionalized dedication is necessary to continue bringing rights and opportunities to those who need them most. And obviously we believe in the strength of the citizenship, that is why we have bet since our beginnings on the work of volunteers, a necessary basis to develop our work.

The money that each member gives goes directly to the cause with which each person has chosen to collaborate. . But it is necessary that you know that it does not arrive in its totality, since a part will be destined so much to expenses to maintain the structure that makes the organization work, and that in short, they generate guarantees to you that most of the money is invested in the social action of the organization. These structural expenses are usually mainly administrative and management expenses, communication and legal requirements (prevention services, management, quality, audits, etc.).

In SenValos NGDO, where almost 8 out of every 10 euros invested go directly to the projects, transparency is part of our DNA. That’s why on our website you can find information about how we manage our funds. And our challenge is always to be as efficient as possible in spending so that the amount allocated to projects is always increasing.


Of course! NGDOs like SenValos work to eradicate poverty, injustice and inequality. Like us, development NGOs carry out fundamental work in defense of human rights, wherever each organization operates. The world is committed to the common development of humanity.
NGDOs take on this objective as their own, which is also accepted in every field: public institutions, companies, citizens in general… NGDOs like SenValos reach where other entities cannot reach. We listen to people at risk of social exclusion, their needs, and we support them to get the tools that make a better future possible.
In ONGD SenValos we work to improve the lives of hundreds of migrants and refugees in Galicia in the exercise of their rights, in the improvement of their living conditions, in the increase of their employability and training, and also so that they can have a greater social participation in the community. And we have also managed to make the voices of migrants and refugees heard, mainly young people and women. We are definitely contributing to building a more just and supportive world.

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