Social intervention itinerary of the NGDO SenValos
with migrants or refugees

We understand VALOS as those obstacles or impediments that hinder a person's social inclusion process.

#Valo 1: Basic needs

  • Social diagnosis
  • Baby food of prime necessity
  • Emergency assistance
  • Access to health care through intercultural mediation
  • Networking and referral to specialized resources of primary need: Cociña Económica, Padre Rubinos, Asociación Benéfica Renacer, Cáritas, Solidaridade Galega, etc.
Doctor Helping Little Boy with Inhaler
Woman cooks food in the kitchen
Couple having breakfast at home

#Valo 2: Access to housing

  • Housing mediation
  • Public and private housing resources available.
  • Half-stay housing to promote the social and labor inclusion of homeless migrants.
Woman comes home with a parcels

#3: Equality

  • Service of conciliation and educational reinforcement for minors. Renacer, Cáritas, Solidaridade Galega, etc.
  • Actions for the empowerment of migrant women, especially victims of gender violence.
Activist movement protesting against racism and fighting for equality
Diverse women activity femenism collection collage
Businesswoman signing paper, partner hand puts signature on document

#Valo 4: Access to rights

  • Intercultural Mediation with Public Services
  • Legal advice on foreigners.
  • Social work.
  • Training in host languages and digital skills
Top view of busy black lawyer checks important details of business contract, thinks on creative solu

#Valo 5: Psychoemotional well-being

  • Personalized psychological care.
  • Workshops to promote personal well-being
  • Inclusive sports and leisure programs
Young girl having therapy with a child psychologist
Woman asking about antidepressants while speaking with psychologist
Meeting with young black job candidate in office

#Valo 6: Job Placement and Entrepreneurship

  • Job Orientation
  • Advice and mentoring in entrepreneurship
  • Job training
  • Promotion of social economy initiatives for employment
Woman hairdresser standing in hair and beauty salon

#Valo 7: Improving coexistence and social cohesion

  • Promotion of associationism among migrants
  • Community mediation
  • Activities for the promotion of cultural diversity in educational centers
  • Social volunteering for the improvement of local communities
Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Business Team In Modern Multi-Cultural Office
Portrait of little Indian girl. Global view, non western culture. N
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