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SenValos NGDO currently has a team of 5 people under contract.

Board of Directors of the ONGD SenValos:

President: José Francisco Hurtado Durán. See trajectory in

Secretary: David Cenizo Valiño. Self-employed. Trained as an Industrial Refrigeration Technician, his professional career has developed mainly in the hospitality industry over the last 25 years, as an employee and since 2016 as a self-employed entrepreneur. Its motivation is focused on supporting social initiatives for the social and labor inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.

Treasurer: María Tamara Conesa Vázquez. See trajectory in

No member of the Board of Directors holds any position in an institution (political party, business group, religious congregation or public administration).

Historical evolution of Senvalos

Foundation - January 23, 2020

First Cultural Intermediations - February 2020

Start of mediations at the Maternity and Children’s Hospital of A Coruña.

First Spanish classes for immigrants - March 2020

Spanish classes for homeless migrants hosted at the Riazor pavilion.

Registration as a social service provider - May 2020

We are registered in the Galician Registry of Social Service Providers.

Mediation and Counseling in Negreira - July 2020

Start of intercultural mediation services and legal advice in the City Council of Negreira.

Intercultural mediators -
November 2020

First class of intercultural mediators –

Literacy Course - July 2020

Beginning of Spanish classes for migrants at the literacy, initiation and intermediate levels.

Personalized work itineraries - November 2020

Start-up of the technical team to develop personalized itineraries for labor market insertion with migrants.

New Social Premises - December 2020

Beginning of social intervention actions of the entity in the new premises in Enrique Mariñas Romero street (A Coruña).

A Coruña Free of Macho Violence - February 2021

We adhere to the “Social Pact for a Coruña Free of Macho Violence”.

The Inn - January 2021

Start of pilot project of social intervention with homeless migrants hosted in the resource of the City Council of A Coruña “El Hostal”.

SenValos participates in Ship2be's B-Value - March 2021

Participation of ONGD SenValos in the B-Value program of Ship2be and Banco Sabadell Foundation.


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